“WalletKit is the easiest SaaS platform for businesses to deliver digital passes for mobile wallets like Apple passbook .”We are the central platform to deliver digital passes across all major mobile wallet platforms.

WalletKit specifically addresses the pain point of creating and managing the distribution of digital mobile passes which will be experienced by the majority of businesses which adopt to new mobile wallet solutions like Apple Passbook and Google wallet.

Walletkit provides a scalable and reliable platform to relieve businesses of the cost ,complexity of maintaining and automating custom pass delivery along with flexible API and SDK's that makes custom integration a breeze.

Mobile Wallets are the future and WalletKit powers mobile wallets. For us Digital passes are just the beginning. Imagine a future where businesses uses Walletkit to power every single feature on different digital wallets.Thats where we are headed towards!

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Jul 18, 2012
444 Castro St #1200
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